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Designed to stop up to .44 magnum bullets

International orange liner for better visibility inside

Rugged zippers and reinforced stitching

Lightweight, bulletproof backpack with various zippers and straps to compress down what is stored. Comes with a hidden sleeve in the interior to store and conceal guns. Lined with super-durable NIJ IIIA Body Armor - the highest level of protection you can get in soft body armor. For Domestic U.S. Sales Only

Comes in Coyote-Tan, OD Green, and Black



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This incredible Survival Lock Picking kit -lock picks included in Survival Guide 1, shows you how to pick open nearly any lock - including padlocks. Plus two bonuses, the "American Badass Survival Guide” and a Tracking DVD. 

Survival Guides 2-3 take the viewer through every aspect of planning, training, and operating in a survival situation whether a post apocalyptic event or other catastrophe that puts you in a Survival of the Fittest scenario. Some of the things you will learn is how to pack a bug-out bag, defending as a family unit against a threat, underground hide sites, early warning systems, operations planning, and more.

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Delta Mojo
Super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices that he's used all over the world to create safe havens for himself and his loved ones. Expert ballistics knowledge of your weapon!

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Active Duty
In this set you’ll learn: Quick take out” moves and effective targets on the body. What to never do in a streetfight and how to use your attacker’s own blood to shortcut your victory in any sudden fight. ..and much more.

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American Combat Karate 
This training package covers all the self-defense basics you need to know to keep you and your family safe. It is Dale’s own special blend of: Boxing, Grappling, and the real world skills he picked up from decades of life and death combat.

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Shadow blade

The sharpest, most durable knife you will ever own. This is one gorgeous piece of equipment. The blade is a hefty 4mm – that’s 33% thicker than most other folding knives – and has been heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 58-­60 HRC. The blade is coated with Titanium Carbo­Nitride using a physical vapor deposition process

1 Combat Folder Knife, 1 Bug out Sharpening Stone, 1 Certificate of Authenticity



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This is my multi-purpose mini chest rig that can carry a concealed weapon, radios, cell phones, wallets, armor, and more. It can be used for tactical and civilian applications, men or women, and overtly or covertly.

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